Striking images from the protests in Kiev that could possible fracture Ukraine in two and ignite a civil war. The two opposing sides seek different spheres of influence; with one side preferring a more Western/European view versus the other side looking towards Russia to have a bigger role. (Anatoliy Sepanov/Evgeny Feldman/Sergei Supinsky/Efrem Lukatsky/Sergei Grits/Darko Vojinovic/AFP/Getty Images)


I’m starting to smell that money on the horizon



Hey guys, this is a really important video. Please take the time to watch it.

There’s some CRAZY stuff going on in Venezuela right now (it’s currently 18 February 2014 where I am) and I’m not sure where you are, but as far as being in the USA, there’s barely ANY coverage. And right now, they really need our prayers, hope, and/or attention.

Please take 5 minutes to watch, like, reblog and share as much as possible. Thank you.